In 2015, Habanos announced S.A. a very special cigar on the 80th anniversary of the most famous and best-selling worldwide Habanos brand: the Montecristo 80 Aniversario. With a length of 165 mm and a ring gauge 55 was this enormous size, its production name also “80 Aniversario” is newly developed and is compiled exclusively for the occasion.

By year’s delay of aficionados come around the world eagerly anticipated Montecristo 80 Aniversarios now. in trade A total of 20 pieces of cigars are ntsprechend packed for the occasion in a ausgewöhnlich designed, particularly noble crate. It consists of fine woods Cubas and the paint has a matte finish.

The format is part of the “Edición Limitada” of the year, 2015. There is therefore, as usual for this series, ripe stored in at least two years tobaccos. Notwithstanding the generally Montecristo not wear 80 Aniversarios the usual Edición Limitada ring, but a very special second ring, which points to the 80th anniversary, which was founded in 1935 brand.

Even the Montecristo Ring presented here in a unique design that has been used for any other cigar of this brand. The specially selected tobaccos come from the best tobacco plantations in Pinar del Rio, home of tobacco, which is one the best in the world. These tobaccos an entirely new mix was done, on the one hand very is balanced, on the other hand, however, the aficionados spoiled with particularly intense flavors.

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