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Habano Lifestyle

Habano Lifestyle

One of the many reasons people have their cigars is because they are looking for a few quiet moments to relax in an otherwise stressful day. It was a search for moment, about finding ways to take a step back on a reflective quiet time and separate one’s self from the hectic activities of the daily grind.

The cigar culture was reinforced by the growth of incredible places and events that catered to the needs of cigar aficionados all around the world. Cigar bars, cigar dinners and cigar divans exist to provide more pleasures to an already indulging cigar experience. One of the prominent divan in Malaysia is La Casa Del Habano Kuala Lumpur.

La Casa Del Habano Kuala Lumpur is more than just a room to smoke cigars. This is the perfect place for cigar aficionados to look for companionship, find a balance in life and adopt a lifestyle and an attitude of life that goes beyond the cigar. It is where friendships are built and bonds are strengthen. A place where millionaires and growing entrepreneurs exchange life stories.

It is about the good life and everything that comes with it. It is the Habano Lifestyle.

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