How to recognize if a cuban cigar is perfectly aged.

Do you know why the tobacco leaves are dried and aged before becoming cigars? Well, in the first place they contain a lot of chemicals that are bad for health. In the second place, the young tobacco leaves are not exactly the tastiest things from the world. So, the process of aging is made entirely with the purpose of making tastier and friendlier stogies for aficionados.

However, the process of aging is extremely long and costly. The manufacturers will need several things in order to go through such a process. They need drying houses, to create a special environment for the leaves and sometimes they can even appeal at different items that can help them to finish this process faster. An aging process of the tobacco leaves can go from a year up to three and sometimes even more important is the flavor and smoke in the best place like your home. Due to these processes you are able to enjoy excellent and highly qualitative cigars.

The cigars are ranked after the period of time that they were aged, this is a fact that you has to know about a cuban cigar. So, the cigars that were aged only for a year are named Chincales. They can be smoked even after a few weeks after they were made, but if they don’t have a fresh taste you must wait a year.

The cigars aged for two years are usually light bodied cigars, the perfect choice for beginners and some of the finest smokes available. There are cigars aged for 2 up to 5 years. These cigars are full- bodied and many smokers are considering them to be the master pieces of all cigars.

The cigars aged for 7 to 10 years will reach their limits soon enough. If they are left more than this they will be ruined as they will lose the flavors and all.

Now, if you want to know precisely when the cigars from your humidor are ready to be enjoyed you can do it very easy. You can take one of the cigars and smoke it. If you feel the flavors better or you feel them more intense than usual means that those cigars are ready to be smoked. If you are lucky enough to get a box with already aged cigars, don’t waste time and enjoy them anytime you want.

Checking the cigar will also let you know if it is matured this is how to taste a cuban cigar. The matured cigars can be identified through the fact that it will become tighter. If you see that your cigar is tighter see if you can to shift the ring up and down. If it is not rubbing means that the cigars are well- matured and you can enjoy them.
A cigar with a white and tiny web on it can be also considered a matured one. This web appears because the cigar has too much oil on the wrapper and because it is too much aromatic. However, this sign does not appear at all cigars.

If you want a properly aged cigar you must maintain your humidor at a specific temp.

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