How to Know if You’re Smoking A Fine Cigar ?

There is nothing worse than inhaling the fumes of a low-quality cigar into your lungs. This is true, at least, for people who know what a fine cigar is. Lack of familiarity with quality products has, unfortunately, driven too many people away from this excellent habit. If you want to enjoy your experiences with cigars, you will need to keep a few things in mind. It would not hurt to get to know a tobacconist, either.

Cars and Cigarsa-gentleman-and-its-cigar

A good way to think about this issue is to compare a cigar to automobiles. Imagine that you are choosing between a Ferrari and a Toyota. Both cars will get the job done. They can each get you from place to place. However, the parts in a Toyota have been chosen from a massive pile of parts that were deemed good enough to function safely. The parts in a Ferrari have been selected by engineers and mechanics with years and even decades of experience. They oversee every part and carefully choose each for its excellence before including it in the structure of the car. That describes how fine cigars are made.

Considering People’s Reviews

Smokers’ opinions vary from one cigar to another, so in case you plan on checking their reviews prior to buying, focus on the specifics that they mention—did they tas
te earthy flavors? Is it spicy or chocolate-y? Does it smell like vanilla? Does it use Nicaraguan wrapper? Is the filler Dominican?—depending on your preference, these details will help you determine which ones to buy and which ones to skip. You can’t really count on their emotions about a certain cigar, because what’s too light for one can be too strong for another.

Personal Quality Check

How do you know if a cigar is truly excellent and not just masquerading under a high price? Consider the construction. When you are looking over a cigar for the first time, roll it between your thumb and index finger. Try to detect lumps or cavities in the mass of tobacco leaves inside. A high-quality cigar will have an even fill. You see, good cigar rollers will do more than just pack the leaves in. They take the time to make
sure that they fit in nicely. The second quality is subject to your personal review. What does it taste like? How does it smell? How smooth is the draw on the cigar? You can answer questions about a cigar’s excellence without thinking too hard about it. Also remember to light it properly so you maximize the experience that the cigar has to offer.

Do not assume that a higher price means that the cigar is a finer smoke. You should essentially ignore the price, at first, if you are looking for a good cigar. In fact, if you are completely new to cigar-smoking, smoke cheap brands first so that you will better understand what a good cigar tastes like later on.

You might be the kind of person who thinks that all cigars are automatically equal because they all contain the same leaves. People who are ignorant of excellent cigars tend to think of tobacco leaves as fungible. That is to say, each leaf is equal to another leaf and so there won’t be any difference besides the sticker on the wrapper. Consequently, some people get turned off of cigar smoking after puffing a few bad, expensive ones

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