How to Choose a Good Cigar

Are you looking for advice on how to identify a quality cigar? Here are tips on what to look for when buying a cigar:

.      First, find a shape that you like and will feel comfortable smoking.

.      Then, quite simply, judge a book by its cover – in this case, the wrapper.

.      The outermost leaf (the wrapper) must be applied flawlessly, without gaps, or tears.

.      Look for uniform color. You don’t want a cigar that is mottled or spotted.

.      Avoid cigars that feel dry, or that flake or crumble when touched. This means they have not been

kept in proper humidity.

.      However, if you do have a cigar that has dried out, there may be a way to save it. If the wrapper

hasn’t cracked and the oils haven’t evaporated, there is a way to rehydrate a cigar.

.      Look for cigars with a luster or sheen which indicates that they have been well cared-for.

.      Make sure the cigar is well filled with tobacco.  It should feel consistently firm, without any weak

spots or divots.

.      Flavor is also very important. Remove the cigar from its outer wrapping (if in a cigar shop, ask for

permission first!), put the cigar up to your nose and take a nice deep inhale. If the smell of the cigar

is appealing to you, chances are the taste will be, too.


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