Habanos & Chianti Wines: The Alliance of Two Kings

Nobody was let down. Quite on the contrary. The much-anticipated alliance between Habanos and Italy’s Chianti wines, carried out during the third day of the 17th Habano Festival, was a special moment. Another example of the pleasure achieved by combining, with elegant harmony, two internationally acclaimed kings.   “The alliance represents a link, a way […]

Habanos & Chivas Regal 18 Years: A Perfect Pairing

MATCHING Not many people doubt that after-meal talk is one of the most sublime moments at dinner time. Especially when we have wallowed in exquisite delicacies prepared by a deluxe chef, and when we enjoy a Habano, the closing king in haute cuisine. But if some of the best premium cigars of the world are […]

After-meal and el Habano

CULTURE After-meal as a concept falls under a number of services that are delivered after the dessert and the drinks that come tagged to it are served. However, it’s been a social act that has developed with the engagement of several actors willing to achieve, maintain or diversify the pleasure of eating and drinking. A […]

World of Habano – Rollout of Montecristo 80 Aniversario in Italy

The 5th edition of the event for enthusiasts of “Primera Emoción” Habano was held on the gorgeous island of Ischia, where the launch of Montecristo 80 Aniversario was a big surprise.   Habano aficionados from the whole Italy and abroad attended an event organized by Habanos Specialist in Ischia, Valentino Federico, in collaboration with Diadema […]

Habanos with Passion

The working day is off to a start and the entire workshop is  excited. Romeo believes his beloved Juliet is dead and  cigar rollers thump their jackknives time and again. The lovers are trapped in a family feud, yet the day’s cigar output is going as smooth as ever. Each worker has already rolled over a dozen cigars and the factory’s quality […]

Montecristo Media Corona

Habanos S.A. keeps aweing all lovers of the world’s finest cigars. This time around, the newsmaker is the launch of its Montecristo Media Corona (ring gauge 44 x 90mm long), a new vitola that joins the brand’s regular portfolio within its Classic Line and hits the market packed in a 25-unit Semi Boite Nature box. […]

Humidor Cohiba 1966 Special Commemorative Edition

The Cohiba Majestuoso 1966 vitola –unseen in Habano’s vitola stock- is the deluxe dweller of the Humidor Cohiba 1966, Special Commemorative Edition, an exclusive box featuring a one-and-only design and containing 20 habanos.   “Cohiba Majestuoso 1966” (ring gauge 58 x 150 mm long) is a commemorative edition with barely 1,966 units rolled, specially designed […]

More than Just a Brand It’s a Symbol – COHIBA

    Habanos, S.A. is in celebration mode. The 50th anniversary of Cohiba, its flagship brand, is the talk of the town in the realm of premium cigars and the basic motivation to boost up a highly-acclaimed 18-year-old festival. Here are the company’s co-presidents, Inocente Nuñez Blanco and Luis Sanchez-Harguindey Pardo De Vera, in their […]

LINEA 1492 (Tubos)

Linea 1492 was launched in 1992 with five vitolas to commemorate the the fifth centenary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the island. Siglo VI was built years later. Siglo I FACTORY NAME: Perlas DIMENSIONS: 102 mm (4”) x 40 (15.88 mm) STRENGHT: Medium Siglo II FACTORY NAME: Marevas DIMENSIONS: 129 mm (5 1/8”) […]


A new Warranty Seal has been gradually introduced in all the packaging where two new elements are to be added. On the right hand, a hologram as a security item will be added and on the left hand, next to the Cote d´ Arms, a bar code will personalize every package. This label will always […]